About the company

Positive Tours is a Private Limited Company founded in the year 2018 inspired by the experiences we had in travelling and exploring new places. Here we aim in delivering the best travel experience to individuals as well as group travelers in city tours of famous places of Goa and its borders.



To share with our clients what we have experienced, the adventure, thrill and splendor of the lush green fields, majestic forest, gushing waterfalls, long roads and sandy beaches of Goa and its borders.


To be a channel through which we can deliver happiness to our clients.

Our Team

Jordy Mascarenhas

CEO & Co-Founder

I Believe in the quote “Quality over Quantity”. We in Positive Tours provide the perfect blend of Quality and Quantity. Our work here defines who we are.

  • 0832-2784-177
  • 800-798-3417
  • Jordy@thepositivegroup.in

Hema Chodankar e Mascarenhas

General Manager

Being Positive is our main attitude to life. Through time we have learnt a lot and the more positively we look at thing the more we succeed. Hence Positive Tours.

  • 0832-2784-177
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  • Hema@thepositivegroup.in

Jewello Mascarenhas

Operations Manager

As the Operations manager i ensure that all of our services  provided to our clients meet their expectations. Each and every client opinion matters to us. 

  • 0832-2784-177
  • 0000000000
  • Jewello@thepositivegroup.in
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